Tilted Pelvis

A Tilted Pelvis can cause Back Pain

There are millions of people out there that suffer from chronic back pain. Getting to the underlying reason for that problem is very important. One of the reasons for this can be due to a tilted pelvis. It is more common than most people think. This is often something that has to do with the growth of the body.

Typically, one side of the body is slightly longer than the other. This may not be noticeable when you walk or when you stand up to the average person. Yet a doctor and even a chiropractor are able to make such a determination. The difference is likely to be something you have had for many years.

However, as a person gets older the amount of tissue supporting the pelvic area gets smaller. As a result of this the pain can start when it wasn’t noticeable before. If you had such pain in the past it may have gone away on its own in a few days. Most people just assume that they have overexerted themselves and nothing more. For those with a physically demanding job that is understandable.

To find out for sure the patient has to lie down and be very still. Each side of the body will be carefully measured. The legs especially are carefully measured to make sure that they aren’t different sizes. Even a fraction of an inch different can make a huge difference in how a person is affected. This is the most common reason why a tilted pelvis occurs and why back pain can result.

The pain is often found in the lower back due to this type of situation. It can be reduced by various techniques that result in the lower spine being massaged and stimulated. At home a person can use a heating pad to help control muscle spasms. Various types of acupuncture can be offered that will identify trigger points. Working with them can help to eliminate the onset of pain.

Most people with a tilted pelvis will be given some specific exercises that they need to take part in. If they are recommended you need to make it a priority for them to be done every single day. Make sure you understand the right methods for doing them though. If you do these exercises wrong they won’t help the back pain. In fact, they can result in it getting worse.

Steps need to be taken to prevent the back muscles from becoming inflamed as well. Staying well hydrated is an important step in that process. Inflammation can occur if a person doesn’t have enough water in their body. Try to consume 40 ounces of water for every 100 pounds of body weight. Get a container that allows you to measure what you drink, then you don’t have to guess.

Over the counter products to reduce inflammation can also be used. If they aren’t strong enough a doctor may prescribe something more powerful. This needs to be closely monitored though as addiction to various forms of back pain medication can occur. Any medications for back pain should be used as directed.

If you suffer from chronic back pain you should get a good evaluate from a qualified medical professional. They can assess the situation and find out if you do indeed have a tilted pelvis. If that is the diagnosis then you can work with them to take steps to treat it. A tilted pelvis can create ongoing health problems that can reduce your overall quality of life. Do what you can to ensure you are able to have a future which includes a strong and healthy body.